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About Me

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     I have been a sailor on a Coast Guard Ice Breaker working Search and Rescue in Alaska, college dropout, a 35-year wildland firefighter with CAL Fire, disaster management consultant, and now finally retired. My adult life has been spent working in nature, usually in conditions that most would consider chaos. I have been able to work and live in swamps, the Arctic ice pack, deserts, mountains, Southeast Asian jungles, oh and a in a city or two. 

     Now that I am retired, I get to experience nature in a very different way and at a much slower pace.  Charley The Wandervan (that's him on the right) and I wander around a lot enjoying what John Steinbeck called "bumdom" and making photographs. 


     We humans have an amazing capacity to destroy that which is beautiful for what is, in reality, only a short-term and selfish gain.  So many times, I have been working at a disaster or traveling and feeling that I was a witness to the collapse of an eco-system and with it, a peoples' way of life.  Through, my photography, I hope to capture some images of these fragile areas and maybe inspire some action to value and preserve them.  

     If you see me and Charley out on the road, stop in for a visit.  I always have a ready supply of coffee, tea, apple cider and hot chocolate!


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